Tyron Woodley’s So Triggered Over Covington He’s Now Raging At Reporters

Colby Covington earned the UFC interim welterweight title over the weekend, putting the fighter on a collision course with reigning champion Tyron Woodley. After dishing out some heated statements concerning the interim title holder, Woodley has now entered a heated exchange with a journalist.

Covington has become a polarizing character within the sport of mixed martial arts, as the fighter is seemingly determined to play the heel. Tyron Woodley, on the other hand, is not seemingly amused by the fighter’s antics.

Mixed martial arts journalist Spencer Lazara first took to social media to offer a statement concerning Woodley.

“The way @TWooodley is talking, let’s hope he doesn’t stay circling a foot from the cage the entire fight like the usual. The Chaos @ColbyCovMMA is comin’.”

Tyron Woodley has since offered a heated response to the criticism, referencing Lazara’s close relationship to the Diaz brothers and the journalist’s recent position in Colby Covington’s media and training camp ahead of the fighter’s recent interim title match.

“Really?!? Remember I gave you one of your first interviews at MTA. You are a disgrace and should be slapped in the face. #NutRider #StocktonSackSwinger #QUEEFINGTONSQueen”

Lazara has since fired back with a retort of his own. Check it out below:

“You mean I gave you your first interviews that got practically no views for years? Triggered much? #notmychampion #gossipcolumnspecialist ?”

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