UFC Admits Early Morning Weigh-Ins A Mistake, And They’re Getting Rid Of Them

62 UFC fighters have missed weight in the two years since the implementation of the UFC’s early morning weigh-ins policy, and that’s a staggering high number.

Now, after what can only be considered a failed experiment, UFC President Dana White tells the UFC Unfiltered Podcast that he’s reversing his decision, and will work towards putting the traditional weigh-ins back in place.

Here’ White’s big reveal:

“Yes, I do think it’s (the early weigh-ins), and guess what? We’re getting rid of it. We’re looking at taking the weigh-ins back to the way they used to be so that when the (fighters) weigh in there at the (ceremonial weigh-ins), that will be it. That’ll be the real weigh-in.”

“Here’s what I believe: I believe any time you change something, everybody looks to take as much advantage as they can of the situation. And I think that when we started doing morning weigh-ins, it was very good – everyone was making weight and it was great. And then people started cutting it closer and closer, thinking they can put on more weight because they have more time to recover. The reality is, it (expletive) everything up.

“So we’re looking to go back to at 4 o’clock when we do the (ceremonial) weigh-ins, that will be the real weigh-ins. The other thing is, I don’t know any fighters that are morning people. Most of them stay up half the night and sleep half the day, so that might have something to do with the morning weigh-ins (being a problem), too. You have to get up early to make sure you’re on weight.”

“We’re going to work with (the athletic commissions) to get it done.”