“Wonderboy” Thompson Just Called Out Former UFC Champion Robbie Lawler

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson is coming off of a hard loss to Darren Till. Now the fighting phenom is looking to take on former champion Robbie Lawler.

Speaking on the Slip n’ Dip podcast, “Wonderboy” revealed his interest in taking on the former title holder.

“In the second round he was really focused on kicking me in the knee. He ended up hitting me in the knee, hyper-extending my knee and I ended up tearing my MCL.”

“About ten years ago, I tore every ligament in my left leg and so after he hit it, I could feel some crunching going on so I backed up and I shook it off. I don’t think I should’ve done that because I think he realized that he was hurting me so he kept going for it.”

“I got fans all the time asking me ‘why don’t you fight Robbie Lawler?’ I think, I got a lot of respect for him and it would be a barnburner. He just stands there and wants to bang it out. I love fighting guys like that — without getting hit in the knee of course.”

“Hopefully we can get that shot at MSG, that would be sick.”

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