Woodley Screen Caps DM’s Of Himself Turning Down Colby Covington’s Sister

Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley may not have an official date for their fight yet, but the two mixed martial artist are already putting their trash-talking in full swing. This time around, the UFC welterweight champion decided to bring Covington’s sister into the mix.

Colby Covington earned the interim welterweight title back at UFC 225, putting himself and Woodley on a collision course set for the octagon. Since then, Covington’s older sister Candace Covington appeared backstage of UFC 225 to call out Woodley for her brother.

“Now we got a belt, now what do you have to say?” She said. “Now we’re coming after Woodley, there’s no stopping us now. Absolutely not.”

Tyron Woodley later took to Twitter to claim that he has screen capped direct messages received from the fighter’s sister that he plans to eventually unveil.

“Bahahhahaha now ‘We’ and ‘A’ ‘Belt!! You guys have what we call the……’Boo Boo Belt’ and nice try big sis on deleting the DMs you sent trying to slide and getting shut down. Don’t worry I screen shot before you did. I’ll bring the to the presser.”

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