“Big” John McCarthy Weighs In On Controversial UFC Calgary Main Event Stoppage

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez suffered a tough loss over the weekend. Now longtime mixed martial arts referee veteran turned Bellator commentator John McCarthy has come forward with a few words on the matter.

Eddie Alvarez faced off against Dustin Poirier in an exciting main event rematch at UFC on FOX 30 on Saturday, July 28, in Calgary, Canada. Alvarez managed to get Poirier to the canvas in the second round, ultimately taking the mount position against the fence.

However, Alvarez then landed an illegal 12-to-6 downward elbow on his opponent. Consequently, referee Marc Goddard momentarily halted the fight.

As punishment, Goddard took away Alvarez’s dominant position and started the fight back on the feet in the center of the octagon. Dustin Poirier earned a TKO victory over the former title holder just moments later.

Taking to Twitter, “Big” John McCarthy has now come forward with a few words concerning Marc Goddard’s decision to start the fight on the feet. Check it out below.

“No it’s not written, but there is a standard. When a fighter in the dominant position or top position fouls their opponent and the referee calls for a stop in the action, the fighter will lose that position & the fight will be restarted in the standing position #AskBJM”

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