Brendan Schaub: ‘Dana White Is A Slimeball Promoter’

Boxing phenoms Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have been in negotiations for some time now. However, the negotiations have seemingly fallen through. Now former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has come forward with his thoughts on Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn on the matter. During the rant, the former mixed martial artist elected to take a shot at UFC President Dana White in the process.

Speaking on his podcast, as seen within the video above, Schaub let his thoughts on promoters within the fight business be known. Check it out:

“There’s three people you don’t trust in this world, Santa Claus that work at the mall, guys that drive vans and promoters. You never listen to them and you never talk to them.

“So when Eddie Hearn says something, of course he is going to make it seem like Deontay Wilder is b**ching out and all this stuff. I bet Anthony Joshua has no idea what’s going on.

“He’s letting Eddie Hearn take care of this. He’s like, ‘Alright, whatever you think is best man.’ Then, they are telling him that this is best because there is some motive in it for Eddie Hearn. He’s launching some new thing.

“He sends over a contract that’s not complete, that no one would ever sign… for a reason. It’s shifty stuff.

“You can’t trust promoters. So when you guys defend promoters, when you defend Dana White, how many times has he lied to you? Eddie Hearn is lying. There’s Anthony Joshua, what he thinks. There’s Deontay Wilder, what he thinks. And there is some middle ground where they need to meet to make this fight happen.

“But Eddie Hearn always has different agendas, the promoters do. Dana White you think he has the same agenda for what’s best for you? No, they’re promoters.

“There is a reason why Brian Stann, Tim Kennedy, Kenny Florian, Michael Bisping… great guys don’t become promoters, because you have to be a slimeball to do it. You have to have some sort of dark side to do it.”

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