Cris Cyborg Posts Amanda Nunes’ UFC Contract, Reveals How Much She Makes

Well, this escalated quickly…

In the rivalry between the UFC’s two heaviest female champions, Cris Cyborg just took things a little far in regards to her back and forth with Amanda Nunes.

The UFC’s featherweight champion and bantamweight champion have been going back and forth on twitter for the past two days. Both wanting to fight, but in disagreement with the date.

This has prompted Cyborg to become unhinged on twitter, and once again put the super-fight in her rear view in favor of a suitable opponent at featherweight.

Cyborg then decided it would be funny to show that Amanda gets $2.50 in pay-per-view bonus for every buy over 600,000, a very confidential detail of the UFC contract.

Check it out:

I just been challenged to a fight…one year in the future. I miss the days of Pride FC @wandfc @FabricioWerdum

“I know I only sell 85k but I would like to fight @criscyborg just give me 360 days to train instead of #ufc228 and keep @criscyborg out of the cage 8 months while you do it” @Amanda_Leoa to @Mickmaynard2 @seanshelby @ufc #ufc228

Since @Amanda_Leoa wants me to sit 10 months without fighting… any Featherweights willing to fight #ufc228? Nunes last fight only sold 85k ppv ….I’m not counting on much help from her to reach that $2.50 ppv bonus.

And here’s that image of Amanda’s contract, displaying her bonus structure:

2.50$ per ppv buy over 600k but her last fight sell only 85k

And just incase the UFC makes Cris delete the tweet: (Screen cap)