Eddie Alvarez Makes Excuse For UFC Calgary Loss, Blames Ref

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez entered the octagon once again on Saturday. Following the fighter’s tough loss, it would appear that Alvarez has decided to blame the referee for the loss.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hosted the highly exciting fight card for UFC on FOX 30 on Saturday, July 28. Headlining the night’s event, Eddie Alvarez faced off against Dustin Poirier in a rematch for the ages.

Alvarez landed an illegal knee to the head of Poirier in their first fight, ultimately causing the fight to be called a no contest. In their big rematch, Alvarez had Poirier on the canvas and began dishing out some brutal ground and pound in the second round.

Alvarez then struck his opponent with illegal 12-6 0’clock elbows to the head, causing referee Marc Goddard to call a momentary stop to the contest. The fighters were stood up, with the bout beginning once again on the feet.

Poirier almost immediately fired off with a fury of strikes that sent Alvarez rushing into the fence. Poirier followed up with a series of strikes that ultimately brought the bout to an end.

Poirier earned a second round TKO victory over the former champion. In his post-fight interview, Dustin Poirier exposed Eddie Alvarez for telling him off camera “Eddie said [to me after the fight], ‘But they stood you up though.'”

It would appear that the former champion is blaming referee Marc Goddard’s decision to stand the fight up following Alvarez’s illegal elbow strike. Either way, this bout will go down as a victory for Dustin Poirier.

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