‘F*ck you, Brendan Schaub. You need to stay on the sidelines, you p**sy.’

UFC welterweight Mike Perry is riding a stunning octagon performance from UFC 226 at the moment. That being said, it would appear that the talented knockout artist is currently having some form of confrontation with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

Mike Perry first took to Twitter to message longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan a cryptic question concerning the legality of self-defense.

“If someone threatens you @joerogan does that give you the right to attack them in self-defense what are the requirements for that when you’re talking about freedom of speech ?”

Speaking on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Mike Perry has since come forward to reveal that the message was a reaction to alleged criticism Brendan Schaub made about the fighter. Perry has since become heated with the former UFC heavyweight.

“F*ck you, Brendan Schaub.” Perry said on the podcast. “You need to stay on the sidelines. You quit doing this sh*t, you p**sy.”

Check it out within the video below:

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