Flyweight Dustin Ortiz Delivers First Round Knockout On UFC Fight Pass | UFC Results

The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is taking to the octagon in Calgary, Canada tonight for the latest fight card from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This time around, the UFC is delivering the exciting fight card of UFC on FOX 30 for the Calgary crowd.

Continuing the night’s preliminary card on UFC Fight Pass, flyweights Dustin Ortiz and Matheus Nicolau are throwing down for the Calgary crowd. UFC results from the exciting match up can be seen below.

Both fighters spent much of the first round feeling out each other’s range and pacing. However, Ortiz then rocked his opponent with a headkick.

Nicolau went to the canvas and the referee decided he had seen enough and called a stop to the contest.

UFC Results: Dustin Ortiz def. Matheus Nicolau via knockout in round one

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