Tyron Woodley Reacts To Fighting Darren Till Over Colby Covington, ‘I’ll fight him even if he misses weight’

Interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington and reigning title holder Tyron Woodley have been warring words for some time now. However, Covington has been passed over in terms of title contention.

Tyron Woodley is set to face Darren Till at UFC 228 on Sept. 8 in Dallas, Texas, as Covington has claimed that he needs momentary break before returning to the octagon. Speaking in a recent Instagram Live session, Tyron Woodley revealed his thoughts on facing Darren Till. After all, Till just missed weight in his home country back at UFC Fight Night 130.

“If Till misses weight we’re still gonna fight, it just won’t be a world title fight for him and he’ll have to forfeit a percentage of his purse. This is a big fight for him. It’s a world title opportunity and my gut says he’s gonna rise to the occasion. I’m not gonna hold up the fight. One or two pounds ain’t gonna really change up the dynamic or outcome of the fight so I’m gonna go into it confident and not worry about that.”

Speaking on Colby Covington’s decision to take a momentary break, Woodley added:

“That motherfucker acted like he has a sinus infection, he needed a Claritin. Boy, if you don’t get a Zyrtec in your mouth and come and get this action — because you’re gonna get it anyway if I don’t give it to you, you’ve got to get past somebody else that will.”

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