UFC Translator Omits Several Jose Aldo Words In Calgary, Here’s The Correct Translations

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo earned a savage TKO victory over Jeremy Stephens in the co-main event of UFC on FOX 30 this Saturday, July 28, in Calgary, Canada. That being said, the former title holder’s post-fight interview has since been drawing the attention of some fight fans.

In his post-fight interview, Jose Aldo used a translator. While Aldo made his speech in Portuguese, the translator calmly waited and then reciprocated the speech in English. However, many fight fans have become critical of the translation.

Check out a breakdown of what Jose Aldo truly said last night and what the fighter’s translator claimed the former champion was saying within the translated transcription provided down below:

A: I’m gonna speak in portuguese if that’s ok. Thanks guys from Brazil. You can be sure I’m really happy for being here in Canada. It’s a great pleasure. I started my career in UFC here in Canada, and I’m getting back here to start over again.

Translator: Thank you everyone in Brazil, I’m very happy to be here, I started my career in Canada so I’m really happy to be here.

Q: What a response from this crowd as you walked out here tonight. I know you’re very emotional since it’s your first finish since 2013. What did you prove to yourself after this performance tonight?

Translator: you finished in 2014 the fight, how it’s been going since then?

A: So.. I’m trying to start over again. I’ve been training with the goal that I could not make any mistakes, and Jeremy gave me this opportunity. Thanks for the opportunity, Jeremy. He was a tough guy. And I knew I couldn’t make mistakes because I could lose the fight. And thank God I could connect a good shot on him, and finish the fight.

Translator: I was worried about losing the fight, but I was practing a lot. And I’m really excited to be here.

Q: You’re the consensus greatest featherweight of all time. This is another chapter of your legacy. But I know you want your belt back. How soon might you return and what’s next for the great Jose Aldo Junior?

Translator: I know you want your belt back. What you’re doing to get back there?

A: I’m back. The champion is back. Now we have to keep the work. For me, Holloway is a great champion, he deserves to be the champion, he’s been getting through some challenges. I hope he comes back, and then I can have another chance against him or whoever will be the champion.

Translator: the champion is back. I just gotta to keep it up

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