Bruce Buffer Doesn’t Care, Targets McGregor After Roasting Of Nate Diaz

UFC megatar Conor McGregor has not competed inside the octagon since 2016. Still, the Ireland native has remained in the headlines all the while. Now veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer has come forward with some criticism concerning the former two-division UFC champion.

Conor McGregor received a lot of heat for a fracas that occurred within the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on April 5. A UFC charter bus was allegedly attacked by a large group of individuals that were reportedly being led by Conor McGregor.

“Notorious” was caught on camera throwing a hand truck into one of the bus’ windows, ending in the injury of multiple individuals. Conor McGregor has since gone to court over the matter and ultimately settled a plea deal that avoided any felony charges or jail time.

Meanwhile, Bruce Buffer has been recently making headlines for criticizing Conor McGregor heated rival Nate Diaz. Speaking in a recent interview, Bruce Buffer has now decided to criticize Conor McGregor for supposedly causing a schism among Irish MMA fans following the UFC charter bus incident.

“I think a lot of that may be stemming from the way Conor handled himself at the Mayweather press conferences, which started that feeling. I was hearing it from Irish fans. Then, it culminated into the horrific incident at Barclays. He’s paying his penance, shall we say.”

Check out Bruce Buffer’s full statement within the video provided below.

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