The Beef Is Real, As Donald Cerrone Takes Aim At Former Team In Albuquerque

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone has been making headlines as of late over a heated relationship brewing between himself, his upcoming opponent and his former gym. Now “Cowboy” has decided to share a few heated words concerning his former training gym.

Donald Cerrone is currently set to Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139 on Nov. 10 in Denver, Colorado. “Cowboy” Cerrone recently decided to leave Jackson-Wink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico in order to move back to Denver, Colorado.

Meanwhile, Mike Perry recently made the move to Jackson-Wink MMA from Florida. Donald Cerrone has since reportedly asked Jackson-Wink MMA to not train Mike Perry for the upcoming fight.

Now speaking on the JRE MMA Show, Donald Cerrone has come forward with some critical words concerning Jackson-Wink MMA.

“When Winkeljohn merged over, all the big pros left, it turned into a puppy mill. Back when Greg had it, and it was its own school, you couldn’t turn up to a pro class. Some guy couldn’t just come here, knock on your door, and the next thing you know he has shin pads on and he’s sparring.

“Literally at the new gym, bums come in off the street — I swear to God — and will come in and put stuff on and fight. That’s a true story. Random bums off the street. That would never happen back in the day.”

“You should have an infrastructure set in place, especially if you’re the greatest at one time. If your winning percentages are in the 80s and 90s and now they’re in the 20s. I have no clue what the winning record of our gym is, but it’s nothing like it used to be. It’s f—ng asinine to me.”

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