Burlgars Rob The Wrong UFC Fighter’s Home, While He Was there, And It’s All Caught On Tape

Anthony Christodoulou is a mixed martial arts veteran. A former fighter on the roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Christodoulou has formed a total professional record of 13-7.

However, it would appear that a group of individuals allegedly attempted to break into the home of Christodoulou. Once the former UFC fighter was made aware of the situation, Christodoulou sprang into action.

The fighter managed to run both individuals out of his home and later took to social media with footage from the incident. Check it out below.

“That’s me chasing 2 robbers out of the villa. My boy @vijvermangill cracked one called for some back up, then I woke up and chased them out of the house. After went back to check on Gill make sure they didn’t get anything. They were super lucky we didn’t catch them and that heavy handed @joefournierclub was at work.

“I hope no one has to live these situations, but unfortunately there are scum like this that exist, it’s important to be prepared for these situations. One of those time practicing a combat art comes in handy! #selfdefense #burglary #homeinvasion #fightback #training #martialarts #boxing #wrestling #bjj #grappling #mixedmartialarts #teamtonypersonaltrainingsystem”

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