Cody Garbrandt’s Teenage Cousin Knocks Out MMA’s Most Notorious Bully

Julian Wallace and Austin Meese, family member to UFC champion Cody Garbarndt, can be seen training together in the video below.

MMA’s Julian “The Jackal” Wallace makes headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As if being known as the guy who got KTFO’d after a viral bullying weigh-ins scene wasn’t enough, Julian plead guilty to charges of domestic abuse involving his ex fiance, a bowl of noodles and a foot to the face. It was a pretty ugly scene.

Now a video of the 2016 footage featuring a Team Alpha Male Sparring session between Julian and the cousin of UFC bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt has hit the internet. The 19-year-old is amateur MMA fighter Austin Meese.

Before the charges of domestic abuse went public, Wallace spent two weeks in Sacramento at Team Alpha Male headquarters. He is not part of the Team Alpha Male team, and by the looks of the clip above he just might not be a fit.

Enjoy the video!

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