Cris Cyborg Eyeing UFC Leave Again: ‘I don’t need the UFC for my legacy’

UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is seemingly unhappy with her position within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The fighter has been negotiating a possible super fight against reigning women’s bantamweight title holder Amanda Nunes for some time now.

However, Nunes wants to fight later this year while Cyborg wishes to fight earlier. The two mixed martial artists have yet to come to an agreement.

Speaking to MMA Tonight on SiriusXM Fight Nation, Cris Cyborg has since come forward to reveal that she may pursue opportunities outside of the UFC following the final two fights on her contract with the promotion.

“Before Dana White gave the belt to Ronda, I was already the champion in my division, 145, and I think all my fans know what I deal with every day. Like with Ronda or other fights, it’s all politics. I’m the champion a long time, 12 years undefeated, and if a fight doesn’t happen with girls like this, it’s politics. You can see how it’s politics because I’m ready to fight now and I have to wait nine months and you can see Colby Covington, they’re gonna take his belt – and he got the belt 45 days ago – because Woodley is ready to fight and [Colby] said he’s not ready so they took the belt. This is an example of how politics works.”

“I still have a lot of things left in my career. I have two fights left in the UFC and I hope this works well. I have a dream fight boxing fight and I am for sure gonna fight a boxing fight. If it’s not gonna be the UFC, maybe I’ll fight Julia Budd in Bellator. I think I have a lot of doors I can fight [in]. Maybe I could do a Grand Prix, more than one fight per day in Japan. A lot of things can happen. I don’t think this is the finish of my career, this is just one more challenge in my career. I’ve already overcome a lot of things in my career, and if I don’t fight in the UFC anymore, for sure I’m gonna find other ways to keep growing my legacy.”

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