Dana White Confirms He’s No Longer Handling Nate Diaz, And He’s Not His Problem

UFC President Dana White always has his hands full when booking a Diaz brother for a big fight.

Often missing, or late to press events, the Diaz brothers have long been a thorn in the UFC President’s side.

The upside to deal with Nick and Nate though, is they’re always entertaining on fight night, and enjoy a legion of fans that always make them one of the sport’s top draws.

With Nate Diaz booked to return against Dustin Poirier, the antics are already in full swing.

Yesterday, Nate was late to the kick off press-conference, typical for a Nate Diaz event.

Then the Stockton star stormed off the stage when McGregor’s next fight was announced and hit twitter with a scathing proclomation.

I’m not fighting on that show fuk the @ufc

Now, in what would typically be a stressful situation for the UFC boss, is nothing but fun from the sidelines, as Dana White has passed the Diaz buck off on someone else.

He told ESPN, “I have no idea [about the Nate Diaz tweet]… We have a guy who works here at the UFC who loves the Diaz brothers and he wanted to get this fight done. He wanted to do this, he thought it was time that Nate Diaz wanted to come back. This is his problem, not mine.”

UFC 230 goes down on October 3, from New York’s Madison Square Garden.