Dana White: ‘I would have beat Tito Ortiz in that boxing match’

UFC President Dana White has perhaps no rivalry as heated as with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. There was once a time when the two were even going to go toe-to-toe inside a boxing ring.

Dana White first made his way into the world of mixed martial arts as Tito Ortiz’s manager. However, White also went on to manage Ortiz’s rival Chuck Liddell.

White then became the UFC President and began bossing his employee Tito Ortiz. From there, things became quite heated between the two.

Ortiz and White were set to participate in a boxing match. However, the bout never came to be. Speaking in a recent interview, as seen within the video below, Dana White has now come forward with a few words on the matter.

“I did not.” White said when asked if he challenged Tito Ortiz to the bout. “He challenged me. I trained for it. I brought in guys. I spent serious time really training for this fight. And, I was absolutely going to do it.

“Yeah, I would have won.” White later added. “I absolutely would have won that boxing match.”

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