Dana White Turns Back Talks Of Entering The World Of Boxing

Ever since Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather, dipping Dana White’s toes in the boxing pond, the UFC president has been eyeing the launch of his own boxing promotion.

It’s been months since he first proclaimed that he was going to start up ZUFFA boxing, but this week he came to the reality that entering boxing isn’t as easy as once thought.

Here’s what Dana said:

“This is one of those things I said I’m going to put my toe in, I’m not diving in head first. We’re still working on stuff.”

“A lot of things didn’t line up the way that I thought they would in the boxing world, when I said we’re about to make a ballsy move. The thing kind of took a left turn, so I wasn’t able to make an offer on that deal yet. But when that deal does happen, and when it comes, I’m going to jump in.”