It’s Finally Happened! UFC Fighter Suffers Severe Eye Damage From UFC 227 Eye Pokes

Last weekend on the UFC 227 preliminary fight car, UFC’s Matt Sayles was poked in the eye repeatedly by his opponent Sheymon Moraes.

The bout was never stopped for the multiple infractions, nor was there ever a point or warning given for the eye pokes.

Instead, Sayles would fight through the adversity in route to a decision loss.

Now, in the aftermath of fight night, those eye pokes ended up being a little more costly than just a loss on the record.

Helwani has it:

Matt Sayles suffered a torn retina as a result of the multiple eye pokes suffered in his loss to Sheymon Moraes at UFC 227, according to his team. He’s undergoing laser eye surgery tomorrow. Worth noting, no points were deducted during the fight.