Gina Carano Stuns In Her First Web Breaking Selfie Of 2018 — You’re Welcome

Gina Carano may no longer compete within the sport of mixed martial arts, but the talented fighter and actress still enjoys keeping her dedicated hoard of fans up to date through her social media. Now the former fighter has decided to grace the internet with a new photo.

Gina Carano is a woman of many talents. As a fighter, Carano was a trailblazing force within the world of women’s mixed martial arts.

After being dethroned from her undefeated streak by Cris Cyborg in her Strikeforce debut, having suffered a first round TKO loss to the fighter, Carano called an end to her fighting career. Since then, Carano has pursued a career within the world of film.

The former fighter has been featured in several massive Hollywood films, including the likes of Deadpool and and Fast & Furious 6. Carano also starred in the action film Haywire.

Now Gina Carano has taken to Instagram Live to share a stunning photo of herself with her dedicated army of fans. Check it out below.

A bonus collection of Gina Carano’s other popular social media posts may be seen down below:


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“… you’re so cool..” Alabama Worley ? #TrueRomance #movie

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Muesday.. ☀️Monday/Tuesday

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