Heated Big John McCarthy Names Worst Referee In MMA History

Longtime mixed martial arts referee turned Bellator color-commentator John McCarthy often freely gives his opinion on the latest occurrences within the world of mixed martial arts over his social media. Following a recent controversial stoppage in an MMA bout by another referee, McCarthy has now come forward with a few heated words over the matter.

Mixed martial arts competitors Melquizael Costa and Rafael Barbosa faced off in a bout over the weekend. Barbosa locked in an anaconda choke on his opponent during the match.

Costa swiftly stopped defending the choke and became unresponsive. Never the less, it took 90 seconds for the referee to call a stop to the contest.

The seemingly extremely late stoppage has since been drawing controversy.

“WTF Ref!”

Taking to Twitter, John McCarthy has now come forward with a heated statement concerning the stoppage. Check it out below.

“That is one of the most sickening things I have ever seen in MMA!!!! That referee has no idea what he is doing and could cause a death due to his ignorance and incompetence. This is why MMA needs a worldwide governing association that could handle such outrageous negligence”

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