MMA Fighter Arrested In Suspected Murder Of 1 Year Old Son

Tragedy struck on Aug. 16, as a 1-year-old child passed away. Now the child’s father, a regional mixed martial artist, has been arrested in relation to the child’s passing.

As reported by G1, MMA fighter Joel Rodrigo Avalo Santos (the child’s father) and Jessica Leite Ribeiro (the child’s step-mother) have been arrested.

Medics arrived at the house in response to a call that the baby was choking. Local police have reported that the child showed signs of previous harm.

The child’s fatal injuries were reportedly caused by a blow to the back. Consequently, the child suffered a lacerated liver and broken ribs. The baby passed away the following morning.

Police chief Marcelo Damaceno offered the following statement.

“The father and the stepmother spent the night here in the police station and will remain arrested for the crime of mistreatment, which is qualified by the baby’s death. In their testimony, they denied it and claimed the child died of natural causes. However, an autopsy showed clear signs of of aggression.”

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