Paige VanZant On Silent UFC Absence: “No One Plans A Murder Out Loud”

UFC women’s flyweight Paige VanZant suffered a brutal injury in her most recent octagon performance. Now “12 Gauge” has come forward with a message concerning the matter.

VanZant faced off against Jessica-Rose Clark back at UFC Fight Night 124 earlier this year. VanZant broke her arm early in the fight, but elected to continue on.

Clark ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over her opponent. VanZant went on to have two different surgeries before her arm began to heal properly, causing quite a bit of tribulation for the fighter.

Taking to Instagram, Paige VanZant has now decided to offer some details on her recent journey. Check it out below.

“I have not lost my fire. I have not lost my drive. It burns brighter and stronger than ever before. I have been dealing with a broken arm and multiple surgeries for eight months now. I don’t post a lot about it and share it because it’s not a happy part of my life. It sucks. I go to the gym every day and have to sit on the side of the mat and watch. I leave every practice in tears because of anger and jealousy. The lord is teaching me patience now more then ever. I am going to fight again. I am going to win again. PVZ will return. Dont mistake my silence for weakness, no one plans a murder out loud.”

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