Paulie Can’t Take It, Becomes Absolutely Unhinged Over Conor’s Latest Diss

Saturday was the one year anniversary of the day Conor McGregor went viral for sparring and knocking down boxing’s Paulie Malignaggi.

The viral incident destroyed the relationship between the two fighters and sent Paulie on a year long tirade on twitter.

It wasn’t until yesterday though, that Paulie got a response from McGregor, and that reply sent Paulie into an absolute frenzy.

Check it out:

Time flies when you are on your ass.

Dude has had 2 kids and an ass kicking since this and he still lives off a fake knockdown that he knows wasn’t real lol. @TheNotoriousMMA your feelings are still hurt? Dont get ur feelings hurt u lil bitch its still our lil secret. Dont run for your life when they ring the bell

@TheNotoriousMMA dont let the inner bitch in u come out. We all know ur gonna pull out the Khabib fight last minute or spend the whole fight runnin 4ur life like u did in rd 5 of the Diaz rematch. U have No BALLS and u think of me 1 yr on cause the reality of my words burns u

1 yr passed and you saw 5 seconds of video in 36 minutes yet he cant stop talkin about me. Come on you gotta be smart enough at this point than to think he boxes anything but apples or oranges

Me n Cotto went 12 in a very good world title fight. Conor is way better than Cotto?