Ratings Report: Logan Paul vs. KSI Sells More PPV’s Than Any UFC Card This Year

YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI have been feuding for quite some time now. This weekend, the two internet stars finally settled their score by stepping inside the squared circle. Now new reports are claiming that the event sold more pay-per-views than any UFC event in 2018.

Logan Paul and KSI have a combined YouTube following of over 37 million. It would appear that fans of the two internet stars were watching the event in force on Saturday.

KSI and Logan Paul battled it out from within the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England on Saturday, Aug. 25. The event aired live on YouTube via a pay-per-view stream for $10.

Paul and KSI ultimately went all six rounds, with the bout ending in a majority draw. The Sun has since reported that the event sold a massive total of 784,000 pay-per-views on YouTube. Other reports have since revealed that another untold mass of fans viewed the match through illegal stream on YouTube and Twitch, among other services.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has not been able to match the success of Logan Paul and KSI’s massive PPV draw for all of 2018.

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