Conor McGregor Defends His Fashion Choices In Latest Twitter Clap Back

UFC superstar Conor McGregor donned an eye popping mink coat for the presser ahead of his title fight against Eddie Alvarez back in 2016. The fashion statement was later determined to be an ode to boxing legend Joe Frazier.

“Conor McGregor’s outfit at last night’s press conference was actually a tribute to Joe”

Well, UFC’s Neil Seery recently decided to comment on the coat following a news report concerning a hairy carcass washing up on Russian shores.

“A hairy carcass that has washed up on the shore of eastern Russia’s Pakhachim has drawn curious onlookers.”

“Calm the f*ck down it’s just Conor Mink cost resurfacing”

After that, McGregor and Seery entered a seemingly friendly back and forth over the fashion item. Check it out below.

“That’s in me freezer Neily son. Along with the other one. Keeping tip top shape awaiting a tip top bid hahahah No lie. Actually hang tight let me double check, robbing bastards round the way u know yourself. It probably is one of mine, mad clepto’s”


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