With Fans Clamoring For CM Punk vs. Logan Paul In The UFC, At Least One UFC Star Is Against Anymore Embarrassments

YouTube sensation Logan Paul faced off against fellow internet star KSI on Saturday, Aug. 25, from within Manchester Arena’s Squared circle in Manchester, England. The bout ultimately ended in a majority draw after going all six rounds.

Logan Paul vs. KSI managed to garner a massive 784,00 pay-per-view purchases over YouTube as $10 per live stream. Ever since the fight, fans have been hoping for a UFC fight between Logan Paul and former WWE superstar turned UFC fighter CM Punk.

Taking to Twitter, however, undefeated UFC welterweight Darren Till has now come forward with a heated statement concerning the matter. Check it out below.

“Every day is hard as f*ck, every day is a little more harder on your physical & mental state. Then ye get a c*nt coming along like this youtuber fella thinking he can mix it in the @ufc f*ck off will ye mate and don’t embarrass our sport.”

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