Tate Sides With Her Longtime Friend Donald Cerrone In New “Cowboy” vs. Team Jackson Feud

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone has been making headlines as of late. Following the fighter’s recent criticism over his former training camp Jackson-Wink MMA, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has come forward with a few words on the matter.

Donald Cerrone recently had some harsh words for the Albuquerque, New Mexico gm. Speaking on MMA Tonight, Miesha Tate has now come forward to defend the fighter.

“What I think is not cool, if it had been someone that had been training there like Carlos Condit or someone like that who had been training there a long time and they were gonna fight each other and both had that mutual respect, and mutual foundation at that gym, that’s different. But when the new guy is coming in and he’s like, ‘I wanna fight Cowboy’ and he comes to Cowboy’s gym, I think that the right thing to do by the gym – I think there’s some loyalty that should be towards Cowboy. He’s been there a really, really long time.”

“‘This is probably not the camp for you to come in, Mike, because you’re fighting our boy. Cowboy has been with us forever. We’d love for you to come in for the next camp but Cowboy’s our dude.’ That’s how I think. Even though I know Cowboy doesn’t drive there every single day, he doesn’t train at the gym – there are some other reasons I think behind that, I think – that’s just me. That’s how I hope my gym would operate if I was under those circumstances.”

Miesha Tate and Donald Cerrone have been acquaintances for many years now. The two fighters have been seen sparring together and even going toe-to-toe in light grappling bouts at the gym.

Rumors later erupted that the two fighters were in a relationship at some point during the earlier day’s of Tate’s MMA career. However, the rumors never amounted to anything but.

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