Fight Words! Tyron Woodley Fires Back At Nick Diaz

Former WEC and Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz has faced off against some of the toughest and most talented competitors within the sport during his illustrious mixed martial arts career. After dishing out some critical words on the reigning UFC welterweight champion, however, Diaz has received some retaliation.

Nick Diaz recently spoke to TMZ Sports. During the interview, Diaz claimed that he would beat up UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley if the fight interested him.

“I’ll whoop his ass too. He’s too boring.” Diaz said. “I don’t even know why he fights those guys. They don’t pay him enough money.” The fighter later continued.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Tyron Woodley has now fired back with a response. Check it out within the video provided below.

“Get your weak ass out of here.” Woodley said. “You could have fought me a long time ago.”

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