Frank Mir And Jon Jones Caught-On-Tape In Elevator Lobby Fight — Watch!

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and former UFC light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones have each been within the sport of mixed martial arts for some time now. When the two met within an elevator lobby, things quickly heated up to much of the internet’s ammusement.

While Jon Jones has shown an interest in competing as a heavyweight, the former title holder has never fought within the weight class for the UFC. Meanwhile, Frank Mir is a two-time former champion of the UFC heavyweight division.

Perhaps instilling his an alpha male mentality, Jon Jones could be seen seemingly antagonizing the former title holder when they crossed paths in an elevator lobby. Mir didn’t back down, however.

Rather, the MMA veteran began wrestling with “Bones” Jones in what has since been reported as a rather intense case of “play fighting.” While the two former champion’s may not have been in a full on altercation, the confrontation has still garnered the attention of much of the internet.

Check it out within the video above.

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