JACKED WHITE BOYS — Brock Lesnar’s Dad And Brother Are Also MASSIVE Men — LOOK!

Brock Lesnar is a former UFC heavyweight champion. One of few heavyweights that have to cut weight for his octagon performances, Lesnar is also a massive fighter. Well, it would appear that the former champion is not the only large member of his immediate family.

Brock Lesnar has not competed inside the octagon since back at UFC 200. The fighter failed a drug test for the event and was consequently dealt a year-long suspension.

Lesnar has since returned to the WWE and recently lost his WWE universal title. Back in the USADA testing pool, however, Lesnar has been called out by two-division champion Daniel Cormier for a title fight match.

Now a photo of Brock Lesnar with his father and brother is making its way around the internet. Within the photo, Lesnar’s family can be seen each looking massive alongside the former UFC title holder. Check it out below.

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