Joe Rogan Chokes Out Arguing Crazy Man Outside Comedy Club — WATCH!

Joe Rogan has many talents. With that in mind, it would appear that this bystander was perhaps not quite aware of the UFC color-commentator’s martial arts background.

Filmed in 2004, the video provided features Joe Rogan backstage at a Los Angeles, Calif. comedy club. After all, Rogan still often identifies himself by his career in stand-up comedy above most things.

However, Rogan was briefly a professional kickboxer as well. An amateur Taewkondo champion and black belt within the martial art, Rogan would eventually go on to earn his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu’s Eddie Bravo.

In the video above, Joe Rogan can be seen getting into a somewhat heated debate about immigration with a comedy club patron. After the conversion began to escalate, the comedy club patron poked Joe Rogan.

Rogan retaliated by putting the patron in a headlock position. Check it out within the video provided above.

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