Mike Perry Reveals Training Room Secrets From Sparring Sessions With Cerrone

UFC welterweight Mike Perry is currently set to face off against mixed martial arts veteran Donald Cerrone. The two fighters will face off at UFC Fight Night 139 on Nov. 10.

Ever since the fight’s announcement, the two competitors have been going at it. Donald Cerrone reportedly asked is former fight camp and Mike Perry’s current fight camp Jackson-Wink MMA to not train Perry for the fight, stirring up controversy.

Well, now Mike Perry has come forward with details concerning their former sparring session. Speaking on MMA Junkie Radio, Mike Perry revealed many details from the experience.

“So I go to the BMF ranch – this would be the second time we sparred. We didn’t even spar, because he’s so easy for me to punch in the face that I didn’t punch him in the face like that. I was throwing jabs, and I was able to just touch him with the end of my glove, and I was like, man, I’m not going to open up on him here in his house on his ranch with all his people around.

“But I want to get this work. I want to get this aggressive energy out of me. So I started shooting takedowns, and I’m not that good at wrestling; just defensive wrestling moreso. And we went for 23 minutes straight. There wasn’t a lot of punches involved. I started shooting in takedowns to get that energy going and get that sweat and actually try hard.

“So I start shooting takedowns, and he kind of reversed me. I got up once or twice, and then the last 10 minutes of that round, he was on top of me. I was trying to pull some sweeps, or subs, but he’s a slick grappler, too. I wasn’t able to get him off of me the last 10 minutes.

“He’s laying on me at 23 minutes, and he kind of looks at me, and I just tapped him on the shoulder, like, ‘Alright, (expletive), get off of me.’”

“Maybe he thinks he’s going to grapple me and make it a boring fight, but the problem is, when he shot on me in the cage at Jackson Wink, he’s too weak to take me down. Wrestling is the mid-game, when you’re in the clinch trying to get the takedown – not when I’m shooting the takedown on you and my feet stumble over each other, and I can’t get your long ass off me.

“He’s not going to be able to make a boring fight and walk away with a slow win to make him the winningest fighter ever… . He knows if he can’t beat me in three, then he’s in (expletive) trouble. I’m telling you, I’m going to beat him in three. I’m going to knock him the (expletive) out.

“When he got TKOd, there’s three people, (Jorge) Masvidal, Darren Till and (Rafael dos Anjos). He was still protecting himself, and they were punching him in the shoulder. I want to put him to dead, cold sleep. That’s my thing.

“That’s nothing against him. We’re fighting. We signed the contract, and I’m trying to put this (expletive) out.”

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