Still Unable To Enter The U.S., UFC Knockout Artist Voices Frustrations With Visa Issues

UFC lightweight Mairbek Taisumov has five consecutive knockout victories inside the octagon. That being said, the talented mixed martial artist is still unable to get a visa for entry into the United States.

Taisumov was initially set to fight Evan Dunham back at UFC 223. However, the match was inevitably cancelled, as Taisumov was not able to gain a visa. Speaking on the Eurobash podcast, Taisumov has now come forward to reveal that he is still having issues over the matter.

“It always comes back to the visa excuses.”

“My lawyers kept telling me, ‘Hey, Beckan, two more weeks and we’ll get the visa’, but I am still waiting. They promised me they would get this visa, but nothing is happening. I don’t know what is the problem.

“I am not a criminal, I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m just a sportsman. I’ve put all of my life into the sport and because of a piece of paper I cannot fight with the best guys in the best promotion. That’s the situation [at the moment], but I hope very soon I will get this visa. I haven’t lost hope to get the title and get the visa.”

“It’s just a political thing, but I don’t know why they choose to punish me. I’m not the only one, they don’t get [visas] for many fighters. Politics are [for politicians], I don’t know why we [should be punished for it].”

“We have many athletes in Russia. You know why they didn’t sign many fighters ahead of the Russian event? Because [Russian fighters] don’t have a visa. Now, UFC ask you before they sign you if you have a U.S. visa, if you have it they’ll sign you. All of these visa problems make big problems for many fighters.”

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