Up Close And Personal — Hunt Amazed By Lesnar’s Size!

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is a massive competitor, not only in his level of skill but also in his physical stature. When Mark Hunt first stared down against the former title holder, the veteran mixed martial artist could not help but make a comment.

Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar faced off inside the octagon back at UFC 200. Lesnar would go on to have his victory over “The Super Samoan” overturned to a no contest, as the former champion failed a drug test.

Lesnar was ultimately dealt a year-long suspension from the octagon and Hunt went on to file litigation against the UFC and Brock Lesnar over the matter. Leading up to the match up, however, Mark Hunt was seemingly in different spirits.

Check out the first staredown between the two fighters from the classic match up within the video provided above.

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