Viral: Joe Rogan Meets Joe Rogan On Joe Rogan’s Podcast — The Master’s Edit

Joe Rogan is a longtime veteran color-commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). That being said, the eclectically talented individual is known for many things outside of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion as well.

Joe Rogan has explored many different routes throughout his career. Once a television host, Rogan first gained popularity for his position as the host of the hit series Fear Factor. Rogan would eventually go on to host his own show Joe Rogan Questions Everything for a short time.

Rogan is also an experienced stand-up comedian with several television specials. Beyond that, the talented man was briefly a professional kickboxer. With a black belt in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the UFC commentator has become quite the formidable fighter all on his own.

However, Rogan is perhaps most well known for his podcast Joe Rogan Experience. The massively successful podcast has been going strong for many years now, as Rogan has featured countless guests from all walks of life on his show.

Now a hilarious edit of Joe Rogan interviewing himself on the hit show is taking the internet by storm. Check it out within the video provided above.

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