Daniel Cormier Continues War Of Words With Stipe Miocic

UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has been getting into it with former UFC heavyweight title holder Stipe Miocic as of late. Cormier earned the heavyweight title by knocking out the Cleveland native back at UFC 226, leading to Miocic opening up a campaign for a hopeful immediate rematch.

Ever since then, the two mixed martial artists have been going at it over social media. Stipe Miocic fired the first shot with the following message over Instagram.

“9 times out of 10 I beat DC. Everyone knows it. DC knows it. No heavyweight has ever accomplished what I have. #HWGOAT”

Daniel Cormier quickly fired back with a shot of his own.

“Damn seems like I’ve knocked my guy @stipemiocic silly. Come on my guy don’t be thirsty! We’re still good. You got next if Brock doesn’t make it!”

Taking to Twitter, Stipe Miocic offered a swift comeback.

“You beat me that night. I respect that. But it would never happen again. I carried the torch in this division for a long time. I’ve been staying up all night with my new born daughter and I still offered to fight you nov 3 with ZERO camp weeks ago.”

Now Daniel Cormier has kept up the war of words with his latest statement. Check it out down below.

“And @stipemiocic I’m glad I got the 1st one of 10!!!! Come on man!”

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