Derrick Is Asked What He Eats Before His Fights, His Answer Goes Viral | UFC News

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis didn’t work out at the recent UFC 230 open workouts. However, the talented knockout artist did stick around to answer a few questions.

UFC News

Derrick Lewis is set to challenge Daniel Cormier for his UFC heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 230 on Saturday, Nov. 3. Speaking to media at the recent UFC 230 open workouts, Derrick Lewis had a rather unexpected answer when asked about his fight preparation meal plan.

““What do you eat before fights?” Lewis retorted back. “If my wife is in town I eat her ass.”

The statement has since been shared and re-shared among fight fans across several of the most popular mixed martial arts forums, while racking up views on social media all the while. Check it out within the video provided above.

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