Derrick Lewis Estimates His UFC 229 KO Finish To Be Worth Massive Seven Figures

Talented UFC heavyweight knockout artist Derrick Lewis faced off against Alexander Volkov back at UFC 229 on Oct. 6. The fighter was facing three losing rounds to his opponent when “The Black Beast” exploded with a come from behind knockout victory within the final ten seconds of the fight.

Speaking to media in a recent interview, Derrick Lewis answered a question concerning how much he believes the knockout performance was worth.

“It’s probably a million.” Lewis said. “Probably about a million.”

Derrick Lewis is now set to fight Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 230 on Nov. 3. When asked about the payday from the upcoming title fight, Lewis added “It’s probably more than I made this year already.”

Derrick Lewis has earned an estimated $880,000 this year, leaving it likely that Lewis believes his seven-figure valued right hand will be paying off again come UFC 230. Check out Derrick Lewis’ full thoughts within the video provided below.

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