Derrick Lewis Reveals The Real Reason He Pulled Down His Pants At UFC 229 | UFC News

UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis earned a come from behind victory against Alexander Volkov back at UFC 229. After knocking out the fighter within the final moments of the bout, Lewis decided to take off his shorts.

UFC News

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Derrick Lewis was asked why he chose to take off his shorts. “The Black Beast” responded with “my balls were hot.”

Speaking to media during the recent UFC 230 open workouts, Derrick Lewis opened up on why he actually took his pants off.

“I guess people really believe my balls were that hot. I didn’t know Joe Rogan was going to ask me that. I took my shorts off to throw it into the crowd, that’s the reason why I did it.

“But, he asked me that and I didn’t know what else to say.”

Derrick Lewis is set to fight Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title within the main event of UFC 230. The fight will take place Nov. 3.

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