Derrick Lewis Reveals UFC 229 Opponent Was “mocking” His Coaches Just Before He KO’d Him | UFC News

Talented knockout artist Derrick Lewis earned a stunning come from behind victory in his latest octagon performance. Now “The Black Beast” has come forward to reveal that there was some trash-talking going on inside the cage just before his big win.

UFC News

Derrick Lewis faced off against Alexander Volkov at UFC 229 on Oct. 6. Volkov was seemingly winning each round, but Lewis fired back with a knockout victory within the final ten seconds of the fight.

Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, Derrick Lewis has since come forward to claim that Alexander Volkov was doing a little bit of trash-talking just before he was knocked out.

“I’m glad I did knock him out, because in the third round he was mocking my coaches.” Lewis said.M”y coaches were saying, ‘Alright Derrick, now.’ And Volkov would say, ‘Alright Derrick, come on, now.'”

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