Dustin Poirier Commits Career Suicide, Calls Nate Diaz A Ho

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier nearly met inside the octagon. With the fight having been cancelled, the rivalry between the two fighters has only grown.

Dustin Poirier was initially set to welcome the UFC superstar back inside the octagon for the co-main event of UFC 230. However, Poirier backed out of the fight, having cited an injury. The fighter later revealed that he does not even require surgery for his alleged damaged hip and that the injury would be alleviated in as little as three weeks. Despite that, Poirier still pulled out of the fight.

Nate Diaz was quick to take to social media to voice the truth of the matter. Having never pulled out of a fight and having still been willing to throw down at UFC 230, Diaz had already won the “war.”

“If u can’t make it to war u lose the war U ain’t bout this life…” The Stockton native stated.

Still, the UFC would go on to pull Nate Diaz out of the event in favor of a co-headliner between former champions Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman. Responding to a recent message posted by Nate Diaz, Dustin Poirier has now made a rather serious error by calling the Stockton native a “ho.”

“#paidinfull ?”

“Tell the truth how you were playing games. Let’s rebook it after my recovery. You’re a ho”

“I see straight through that fake ass gangster shit bro. You fucking with a real one. Trust that @NateDiaz209”

Nate Diaz is a battle-hardened mixed martial arts veteran, having fought the world’s toughest and most talented competitors. Beyond that, the Stockton native has always been willing to stand up for his beliefs and has never been afraid to confront those that disrespect him. Now Dustin Poirier has taken his trash-talk to dangerous levels by impertinently speaking on the Stockton native and getting on the mixed martial arts phenom’s bad side.

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