Nate Diaz Destroys The Whole UFC Roster (Except Masvidal), In A Single Tweet

UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier was initially set to welcome UFC superstar Nate Diaz back inside the octagon later this year. However, the fight has since been cancelled.

The two world-class mixed martial artists were locked in for the exciting co-main event of UFC 230’s highly anticipated live pay-per-view. However, Poirier pulled out of the fight after suffering an injury.

Dustin Poirier has since revealed that a hip injury caused the fight cancellation, after later revealing that the injury will only require three weeks to heal and no surgery. Taking to twitter, Nate Diaz has decided to offer his thoughts on the situation in a new message.

Lividly criticizing the UFC roster, the Stockton native had this to say.

“This guy mysteriously pulls out wit no injury and it’s crickets from from the whole roster ? I’m going back out on tour till the game mans up .. Shoutout to @GamebredFighter hes down respect”

Nate Diaz made note to exclude UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal, however. “Gamebred” offered to fight Nate Diaz on just three weeks notice. However, the UFC ultimately removed Nate Diaz from the UFC 230 fight card after Dustin Poirier pulled out of the event.

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