Following Conor McGregor Lawsuit, Conor Fans Are Now Targeting Michael Chiesa’s Family

UFC’s Michael Chiesa was on the UFC charter bus on April 5 when Conor McGregor threw a dolly at one of the bus windows. The impact injured Michael Chiesa, as well as several others.

Chiesa was consequently forced to pull out of his fight for UFC 223. The fighter has since filed litigation against Conor McGregor concerning the incident. Speaking on The MMA Hour, Chiesa has since come forward to reveal that his family is receiving intense messages from fight fans concerning his decision to file litigation.

“I’m gonna tread lightly with this, obviously I can’t say a whole lot. But it just has not been good. Even my girlfriend and my mom get messages and comments. They’re not a part of this and it’s kind of a shame when — my mom’s a sensitive lady and I do my best to protect her and stuff. And when she tells me about some of the mean things that are getting sent her way it’s really, it’s a shame.

“Anybody can say whatever they want to me. This is about me, this isn’t about my family. And, you know, today hasn’t been great.”

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