Irish Media Turns On Conor McGregor Following UFC 229 Defeat

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor suffered a brutal defeat on Saturday. The Ireland native went toe-to-toe with undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, ultimately suffering a fourth round submission loss to the fighter.

Now it would appear that newspaper columnists of Conor McGregor’s native country are taking the former title holder to task. The Independent’s Eamonn Sweeney had a few scathing words on McGregor’s performance.

Sweeney referred to “that mangy bear Khabib wrestled when he was a kid was probably a harder opponent” that Conor McGregor. “He’s no elite sportsman and now he has got his comeuppance. He was humiliated,” the journalist continued. “McGregor has had five fights in the last three years and lost three of them convincingly. That makes the national fuss look a bit silly at this stage.”

The Irish Daily Mail’s Shane McGrath went on to claim that the “rush to acclaim (McGregor) as an Irish sporting great was daft.”

“Such scenes. Such outrage. Such scandal. Such sickening sanctimony,” McGrath continued. “Many loud in sharing their abhorrence at the pitiful aftermath of Conor McGregor’s defeat spent years indulging and excusing the wretched behaviour of their hero, and insisting the sport and the organisation that made him rich and famous and vulgar, deserved to be treated with the seriousness accorded to more established purists. They were wrong then and they should be ignored now.”

“McGregor has been absolutely central in the charge towards the low point the UFC has now reached.”

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