Mike Perry Opens Up On Donald Cerrone Beef, Says They Are Going To “f*ck each other up” On Fight Night

UFC welterweight Mike Perry and Donald Cerrone are set to fight at UFC Fight Nigh 139 on Nov. 10. With “Cowboy” Cerrone having departed from Jackson-Wink MMA just as Mike Perry joined the MMA training camp, tensions have been high between the two fighters.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Mike Perry has come forward to dish out some details on what is going on between himself and the MMA veteran.

“To be honest, I know [people] think I’ve been in Albuquerque, but I was in Florida. This is my year, and this year’s ending really well for me. We’re going to finish it off with a bang in November. And then I’m just going to chill with the family, have a good Christmas and shit. Things are looking up.”

“There was a point where I thought I was at a block in the road, and I didn’t see myself getting stronger, better, faster. I didn’t know what was happening. Then there was a point one day I woke up and I was like a white belt again. I could be taught basics, something I’ve heard a million times before, but this time I heard it differently. It just sounded so different. There have been a hundred examples like that, every strike I can imagine. And I’ve been drilling the moves, me and Frank ‘The Tank’ [Lester], and coming back home to Florida, getting with my old team and working with them.”

“I’m cool with him. There’s no problems or nothing except we’ve got a fight Nov. 10, and that’s not a problem. That’s entertainment. That’s fun for everybody. Me and Cowboy are going to love every second of it, we’re going to f*ck each other up and it’s going to hurt. And it’s going to feel good at the same time. It’s like hate to love, love to hate.”

“I tell you what, maybe he posted that picture because he wants me to feel bad for him. Mof*cka, sorry bro! I am coming at you, dawg, full blast. Aw shit, you going to get hit so damn hard. I’m not holding nothing back, I’m going crazy.

“We don’t know if it’s a joke or not or what he’s doing, or if it’s old. He’s trying to play little games or something, but at least he’s getting involved now. We’ll see how the final 30 days go. Cerrone’s known for showing up, ain’t he? So…”

“It’s nice, moving fast like that, it makes you miss little things. And getting back to Albuquerque from Las Vegas [for UFC 229], I’d have missed some things there, too. I’m going to be a dangerous motherfucker on Nov. 10. I will be bigger and stronger and badder than I have ever been, and I am growing so much everyday, it is insane.”

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