RDA Issues New Livid Message In Twitter Beef With Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis and former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos have entered a heated rivalry as of late. Now the former title holder has fired back with a new message for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace.

It all started when dos Anjos took to Twitter.

“This guy Dillan Dennis he is nobody, he just suck Conor’s balls and hide behind him, that’s his job. He never going to make it, be on Conor’s corner is his career highlight.”

Dillon Danis swiftly fired back with a message of his own.

“let’s fight then f*ck commissions let’s meet up and fight you pussy little b*tch you give every fight you no heart rat”

Dos Anjos accepted Danis’ fight offer and actually upped the stakes with a new challenge.

“Why don’t we do like you said to Kevin Lee? I put 100k you put 100k I can go to your gym or you come to my, we jump in the cage with no time whoever walks out take the 200k #yourmove”

Now dos Anjos has decided to add insult to injury with another new message. Check it out below.

“Ask you dad @TheNotoriousMMA for money ;)”

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