Rumor: Conor McGregor Was Dealing With Plethora Of Family and Health Issues During UFC 229 Training Camp

Mixed martial arts megastar Conor McGregor finally made his long awaiting octagon return back at UFC 229. On Oct. 6, the Ireland native faced off against undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In the end, “The Eagle” put on a largely dominant performance over Conor McGregor. Nurmagomedov ultimately earned a fourth round submission victory over his opponent.

Now Middle Easy has come forward to report a new rumor concerning Conor McGregor’s recent octagon return. The new source claims that there is now a rumor that “Notorious” was suffering some kind of debilitating sickness during his training camp leading up to UFC 229.

Beyond that, McGregor is rumored to have had family issues during the lead up to UFC 229 as well. Check out Middle Easy’s original report down below.

“More fallout from UFC 229 is slowly leaking out. The latest rumor is Conor McGregor was sick in the weeks leading up to UFC 229. Not just a common cold but a heavy dose of antibiotics was given to Mac and it cut into his training.

“Huge if true but the other rumor out there is that Conor McGregor was dealing with personal issue on the night of UFC 229. No word on what it exactly was but rumors point to something to do with his family.”

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